Auto Appraiser Certification

National Automotive Appraisers Association

Our benefits

  • Acceptance by financial institutions

  • Acceptance by insurance companies

  • Acceptance by courts of law

  • Approval by government agencies for IRS donations

  • Increased umpiring opportunities

  • Appraisal industry recognition

  • Certification training

  • Continued education

  • Multilevel certifications

  • National association support

  • Added level of protection

  • Networking/Relationship Building

Certification Levels

  • NAAA Initial Certification Course

    The NAAA Certification Course is a comprehensive and specialized program designed to equip participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to become proficient auto appraisers. This course is tailored for individuals aspiring to pursue a rewarding career in the automotive industry as licensed appraisers, insurance professionals, dealership consultants, or enthusiasts seeking to enhance their expertise in vehicle valuation.
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Member Testimonials


Marty Ruth

Being a member of the NAAA helps me hone my appraisal abilities and techniques through insightful trade related training and continued education, which has a positive impact on my business through improved client relations.
As a member, I’m continually building a larger network of trustworthy appraisal colleagues who are willing to assist by means of experienced advice to the ever-arising industry challenges that as an individual feel overwhelming but as a NAAA member are easily managed.
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